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1984 – the tour season

Continuing our delve into the BCC archives  – another blast from the past…….

1984 saw a splendid BCC tour that took in matches against LANGLEY MOOR, FLAMINGOE, HYDE, WITCHAMPTON and CRAMBOURNE.

The touring party comprised: William Wells (captain), Mike Foan, John McKinnel, Del French, Simon Steer, Keith Walker, Kevin Walker, Roger Miles, Mark Stanbury, Chris Acton, Roy Nott, Paul Nott, James Foat, Steve Birley, Paul Freeman and Jon Wykes.

Of the five games played one was drawn, another was abandoned and three were defeated. Not much success with the cricket BUT it can be recorded that there were some serious heavyweights in the tour party from the world of beer–sinking and so many a boat race was duly won!

The most runs on tour were the 136 scored by Jim ‘Foaty’ Foat whilst the top average with the bat was that of Paul ‘Pnut’ Nott with 35.00. Chris Acton claimed the most touring wickets with six to his name and a young Acton was also the bowler with the best average – each of his wickets coming at a cost of 26 runs.

Some of the individual stats for the tour were;

Skipper Bill Wells scored 88 runs – 36 being his top offering in the game at Hyde where his innings came off 50 balls with five 4s and he was dismissed by a run-out! He also bowled one over – that in the game with Hyde, went for ten runs and did not turn his arm over again on tour!

Mike Foan scored 79 runs from 222 balls faced at an average of 15.80. His top score was a 45-minute 38 from 48 balls (six 4s) in the opening game at Langley Manor – that was the match that was abandoned.  He also held two catches.

John McKinnel struck 123 runs from 200 balls faced and finished with an average of 24.60. His highest knock was a 110-minute, 121-delivery innings of 67 in the game at Witchampton. On tour he held three catches and dropped two others!

Del French scored 32 runs from 64 balls faced and his highest was a knock of 13 in the opening game at Langley Manor where he struck a brace of fours. He held one catch on tour and put down two – both in the game at Flamingoes.

Jim Foat scored 136 runs on tour from just 140 balls faced with his top offering being a knock of 54 in 54 balls at Hyde where he struck seven 4s before being caught and bowled. He also bowled 28 overs on tour, claiming five wickets at an average of 20.60 and he also held three catches.

Paul Nott batted twice – each time he finished not out scoring six in 17 balls against Flamingoes and 29 in 35 deliveries at Witchampton. He did not play in the games at Langley Manor or Hyde. He also sent down 17.4 overs and took one wicket for 63 runs whilst he also held two catches.

Roger Miles played in all five of the tour games and scored 21 runs being out twice to get an average of 10.50. He sent down 39 overs and finished with four wickets for 130 runs. His best return with the ball was the 4-31 he claimed at Crambourne.

Simon Steer scored 15 runs in four knocks, he did not play in the game at Witchampton and his top score was a knock of ten in the final game at Crambourne.

Mark Stanbury played in four of the games missing the Witchampton match. He scored 16 runs in three knocks with a highest of 9 in the Flamingoes game. He also bowled three overs claiming one wicket for 21 runs and held two catches.

Keith Walker played in four of the game and scored three runs – all in the opening game at Langley Manor. He bagged a brace of ducks in his other two knocks, both second ball ducks!

Chris Acton batted in just one game, the final on eat Crambourne where he hit 31 in 34 balls. Overall he bowled 35 overs claiming six wickets for 156 runs with his best return being 3-54 in the game at Hyde.

The 1984 tour game by game record:

Monday – at LANGLEY MANOR.

Bradninch 125-5 in 20 overs (Mike Foan 38, John McKinnel 36), Langley Manor 1-0 (2 overs) rsp match abandoned.

Tuesday – at FLAMINGOES

Home side 138 all out (Roy Nott 3-18; Jim Foat 3-25; P Freeman 2-41); Bradninch 73 all out (41.2 overs), (Jim Foat 13, Roy Nott (batting at number eleven 12 not out), Mark Stanbury 9). Bradninch LOST by 65 runs.

Wednesday – at HYDE

Home side 212-3 (37 overs), (Chris Acton 5-54); Bradninch 156-8 (Jim Foat 54, W Wells 36). Match drawn

Thursday – at WITCHAMPTON

Bradninch 167-6 (40 overs) (John McKinnel 67, Jim Foat 41, Paul Nott 29 no); Home side 168-5 (J Wykes 2-21). Bradninch LOST by 5 wickets.

Friday – at CRAMBOURNE

Bradninch 135-9 (Chris Acton 31 no, Jim Foat 28); home side 136-8(Roger Miles 4-32, Jim Foat 2-21, Chris Acton 2-53). Bradninch LOST by 2 wickets