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Kookaburra withdraws graphite-reinforced bat

The ICC has confirmed that the bat manufacturer Kookaburra has decided to voluntarily withdraw its graphite-reinforced bat from all first-class cricket by October 1st 2006. Kookaburra’s decision follows its withdrawal of the bat from international cricket earlier this month. This earlier choice was made after the ICC advised the company that it had received an opinion from the guardian of the Laws of Cricket, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) that the bat does not comply with Law 6.

Kookaburra’s decision is supported by the ICC Member countries including ECB, who have agreed to allow the use of the bats at levels below first-class domestic competition for the duration of the natural lifespan of the bats. Kookaburra will end the production and distribution of graphite-reinforced bats.