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1st XI docked two more points!

The 1st XI has had points deducted for slow over rates at both their home games this season.

After a single point deduction in the game against Axminster the side was docked two points for the Bovey Tracey match at Kensham Park leaving Club Chairman Derrick Foan describing the deduction as ‘harsh’, he said:

‘The rule governing time allowance, which dictates that any stoppage MUST be two minutes before it is recorded, is absolutely bizarre! It is also obscure that the Devon Cricket League expects 17 overs when first class cricket requires only 15 to be bowled in the hour and it is worth mentioning that those games are played in near perfect weather conditions. As a compromise, I feel that 16 overs per hour would indeed be more “workable”, thus allowing for a much more considered and representative game of cricket.’

He also commented:

‘As a spectator at the game with Bovey Tracey, I witnessed several stoppages of less than two minutes all of which added to the infringement, but would not have been recorded. These I believe contributed, with good common sense, to an agreed one point penalty and I am surprised that two have been deducted.’

Skipper Chris Acton said:

‘There’s nothing that we can do about this, the rule is there for all to see and we’ll just have to take the deduction on the chin and get on with the job in hand of winning cricket matches!’

Club Secretary Chris Dean adds:

‘To avoid re-occurrence of further penalties, clearly the fielders/bowlers are going to have to pick up their pace between balls/overs but it does seem very harsh and it might well be worth raising this issue with Divisional Committee, especially the anachronism that first class cricket’s over rate = 15 per hour (and that the penalties are set at 0.5 increments) or to suggest that when the weather is “dicky”, further flexibility should be allowed by the formal declaration (by the umpires) of a “wet” match lowering the over rate to (say) 16 overs for that game.’

The upshot of this – okay a couple of points docked, but that should only serve to make the 1st XI even more determined to regain them by winning even more games – here’s to more victories!