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Statement by the Devon Cricket League to member clubs

Here is an important email from the DCL

The use of Social Media – Statement of the Devon Cricket League

Over recent weeks’ members of the League’s management team have been aware, or made aware, of some comments made on different social media platforms.  These remarks have either been disparaging about other member clubs, or members of those clubs, or the League Management team.

Whilst it is accepted that social media, in its many forms, is part of our everyday life, the improper use of it by way of disparaging, or sometimes offensive, language in the context of cricket within the League, is, potentially, a Disciplinary Offence.  The League may, within the terms of reference of its Disciplinary Code, apply penalty or sanction against those causing offence.

It is clear that there are many sporting rivalries between clubs competing in the Tolchards Devon Cricket League.  However, we know that there have recently been occasions when these rivalries on the field have been spoiled by certain comments made on social media off the field.    For the sake of clarity, and the avoidance of doubt, this unfortunate trend must cease.

The League are seeking the support of club chairmen in this regard. 

Circulation of this email

This email is being sent to member clubs, by blind copy, via club chairmen, secretaries and League representatives, together with other interested parties. Should clubs wish to include it in their communication with members it is attached to this email as a PDF, here = (Social Media Statement from DCL July 2018 – opens a new tab or window).

With regards

Edward Leverton

Edward Leverton – Secretary
Devon Cricket League