Established 1891

The sun is shining and the work begins………

The penultimate day of March has seen much work at the club’s Kensham Park home.
Mike has been hard at work putting together the new tables for our beer garden, Will and Harry have been power washing the ‘grandstand’ – for those wondering what we mean, that is the new name for the raised area which will, later in the year, be a floral delight of a social area (more on that nearer the time).
The floor of the grandstand has really benefitted from the power wash! At one stage it was very much a case of Biggles and mini Biggles working in tandem on the grandstand floor with said power washer! Biggles senior soon found his body telling him ‘enough’ and he was declared ‘out, retired hurt’.
Alan was present when the roller arrived and he was quickly into the rolling of the outfield and – wow! What a difference as the ground is in a perfect condition for the rolling – Alan is certainly a godsend to us. On the subject of rolling – groundsman Pete was hard at work on a square that is looking so, so good ahead of the first home action.
Finally, a shout out to our chairman (Chris aka ‘Deano’) who was at the forefront of all efforts today.
Onwards and upwards as we prepare for a new season of cricket on the magnificent square and hours of social fun off it!
Anyway, thank you to the ‘team’ who performed so admirably today.