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Season 2021 hit by military accident at Kensham Park

As if the pandemic had not brought enough trouble to our door! Last night, (Wednesday), one of those huge military helicopters that can often be seen flying up the Culm Valley, was forced into an emergency landing at Kensham Park!

The pilot, in the dark, went for a landing bang in the middle of the playing area and the nett result is that our square, which, at close of play yesterday had been pristine and ready for action this coming season, has been churned up to such a degree that any chance of playing cricket on the surface for the foreseeable is out of the question.

We now need to find an alternative venue for the 2021 season. On the plus side, we will be getting considerable compensation from the Ministry of Defence (MoD)

A spokesman for the MoD, Alo Fripol said: “We apologise to all affected by this. These things do occasionally happen, but we always seek to compensate accordingly.