Established 1891

Good Friday industry at the Kensham Club

The Good Friday work party proved a huge success!
Despite the numbers that turned out on what was a chilly early April day, the raised patio area (grandstand) was given a fresh coat of paint while the main patio area and the path that leads round to the dressing rooms received a revamp by way of some power washing.
Oh yes, and the task to repair holes in both boundary fence and the net bays, was begun – and should be finished off on Easter Monday.
Supporting this article are some pictures from the day – JR and Will were responsible for the white wash work (great job lads), Simon looked after the power washing and what a difference his efforts have made, while Steve aka ‘Biggles’ saw to the low level work (his knackered knees allow precious little else in terms of ‘helping out’), saw to the fence and netting repairs.
Not forgetting that the photography as well as ‘all round support’ including the provision of breakfast bacon baps and lunchtime pizzas – was all looked after by Chairman Chris!