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Spotlight on the 1st XI new ball pairing of Roscoe & Mitch (plus the rest of our 1st XI wicket takers)

We continue our forensic look at the 1st XI stats now that we have played through two-thirds of the season.
Ross Acton has had a huge influence on the teams success and his bowling figures are eye-catching – to say the least!
‘Roscoe’ has sent down 79.3 overs so far this season and no Bradninch bowler has taken more wickets in the 1st XI league games than he has. His count, after the win at Seaton, is 19 wickets at a cost of 180 runs and, what is most impressive of his figures is the economy one of just 2.26 runs conceded per over!
Indeed, ‘Roscoe’ is the only Bradninch bowler with a single figure average – his being 9.47
The full Roscoe bowling stats read
79.3 overs
17 maidens
180 runs
19 wickets
Best figures of 5-27
Economy 2.26 runs per over
Average 9.47 runs per wicket
Is there a better new ball duo than that currently fielded by ‘Ninch’?
Well probably not when you look at the figures because, alongside those shown above from Ross Acton, his fellow new ball ace is Mitch Pugh and the Mitch bowling figures are…
67 overs
12 maidens
203 runs
13 wickets
Best figures of 4-20
Economy of 3.03
Average 15.63 runs per wicket
We also have league wickets so far this season from Josh Farley, who has sent down 46.1 overs, taking nine wickets for 204 and has an economy rate of 4.42 and a wicket taking average of 22.67; Craig Penberthy, has bowled 56 overs, taking seven wickets for 250 and his economy rate is 4.40 while his wicket taking average is 35.71 and skipper Eliot Acton has bowled 18.2 overs taking three wickets for 81 runs. Eliot has a current economy figure of 4.42 and a wicket taking average of 27.00.