Established 1891

All time batting statistics – updated May 2016

DCL Matches for all 1st and 2nd XI – Start of 2013 – Present Ranking based on number of Runs scored. Minimum 50 runs required to qualify. (If most runs scored taken is joint, the Number 1 Ranked batsman will be credited to the player who has the best average.)

RankPlayerInningsRunsAvgNot outHighest score100s50s
1Dan Hardy49142030.87315935
2Ross Acton47119528.45510925
3Tim Piper4498827.448-6806
4Chris Acton4184224.06612217
5Jackson Thompson1582254.8022232
6Bryn Jones4081725.538-12212
7Connor Carthew3275127.815-9703
8Rob Acton3462223.0477104
9Charlie Walker1558144.69212321
10Andy Nichols2652122.6539601
11Gian Botha1450842.33210213
12Derek Foan3646514.0935202
13Greg Maher184503036802
14Luandre Van Wyk1239239.226703
15Joe Webb2833312.8127901
16Will Greig1323719.751-8701
17Ryan Shrewsberry152241616702
18Chris Dean1922220.1883100
19Chris Metters821827.2506801
20Mark Ashplant272149.342900
21Lewie Farrant1119317.5507201
21Bill Leathes719332.1718101
23Jack Horton141821413300
24Will Birley341806.2153000
25Paul Nott2616218176301
26Gary Chappell415979.52-5001
27Will Squire271488.2292000
28Lawrence Greenaway914618.2515701
29Steve Rowe613722.8304100
30Phil Chappell291328.8141600
31Nat Davey812818.2916101
32Kevin Manning1111212.4423200
33Luke Wrightson19986.1332900
34Thom Bunker37926.3304100
35Andrew Buzza85911.832700
36Lautaro Musiani3542712900

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