Established 1891

All time bowling statistics – updated May 2016

DCL Matches for all 1st and 2nd XI – Start of 2013 – Present Ranking based on number of wickets taken. At least 1 wicket required to qualify. (If most wickets taken is joint, the Number 1 Ranked bowler will be credited to the player who has the best average.)

1Ross Acton45592159017.283.49
2Paul Nott34973148320.324.25
3Will Squire33663179628.515.35
4Phil Chappell37860125620.933.32
5Will Birley28146163635.575.82
6Luke Wrightson2213791424.74.14
7Chris Acton2652692735.653.5
7Rob Acton1332663224.314.75
7Andy Nichols2222673528.273.31
7Luandre Van Wyk1422671127.355.01
11Dan Hardy12918810456.28
12Kevin Manning1011750629.765.01
13Charlie Walker9516448284.72
13Jackson Thompson1441678048.755.42
15Steve Rowe671531420.934.69
16Jack Horton721434024.294.72
17Ryan Shrewsberry1171354341.774.64
17Mark Perrott381316312.544.29
19Connor Carthew991258448.675.9
20Gian Botha681039739.75.84
21Bryn Jones52931835.336.12
21Mark Ashplant449270306.14
21Lawrence Greenaway90954860.896.09
24Chris Dean27717424.866.44
24Andrew Buzza61726137.294.28
26Will Greig24610717.834.46
26Gary Chappell276599.832.19
26Cameron Suidgeest29612821.334.41
29Tim Piper39426265.56.72
30Tom Etheridge3117175.67
30Lautaro Musiani4121215.25
30Eadon Roth27190903.33
30Alex Dunlavey31331

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