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Another ‘first’ coming soon to BCC

The club are set to stage a Sportsman’s Dinner later this year. The event would be a ‘first’ for the club and Steve Birley explains the thinking. He says:

When I was fortunate enough to work in mainstream football, Sportsman’s Dinners were seen as a huge fundraising event. So why can we suddenly do them? Well, when we held that most successful Quiz Night I realised that the clubhouse would accommodate around a dozen tables of six (72 in total) and we have the facilities to produce a curry type meal with a pudding, get a guest speaker in plus a comedian and charge £100 a table (for six persons).

We have a bit of work to do yet to have everything in place. The key now is to find a dozen catering banquet tables (the size that allow you to sit six). Once they are sourced we really could get on with this idea. I am confident we can run two each year. They don’t have to be just cricket themed. Far from it, with this being World Cup year in football we could have a football dinner with a leading name and comedian.

I do see this as an opportunity to provide high quality entertainment to the local community whilst also generating serious funds for the cricket club.

Watch this space – this idea is going to happen!