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Another home defeat for the skittles team

The cricket club skittles team suffered big disappointment in their latest Sampford Peverell and District Skittles League outing, beaten by Elmore with the margin at the end of a fine contest being 13!

Last on the Bradninch team needed a brace of 85s to claim an important win and keep alive their fading title hopes, but it was not to be and the Eagles flew Kensham Park with the points. A highlight of the match was that Elmore secured a ‘best to date’ on the Kensham Park alley with an amazing leg of 115!

For the home side the top score was an impressive five-spare 87 from Eddie Andress and the ‘best of the rest’ was a 67 from skipper Derrick Foan.

Chris Hatherley hit 66, but the only other score of 60 or more was a 60 from Phil Chappell. Rob Acton had a 59, Mark Perrott 50 and the other returns were a 48 from Chris Acton and a 47 from Dave Trump.

Elmore won the match 497-484 with Geoff Parr their top scorer with 75.