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Another new tea is served up

The BCC players were treated to their sixth ‘different’ tea of the term at the 2nd XI meeting with Braunton at Kensham Park.

Jo Bunker (Thom’s Mum) – and Thom’s sister, served up a sumptuous feast that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Suffice to say more than a few comments were heard of:

“More of this soon please!”

It was apparently a jolly good feast and it’s great that we have, this season, now had six different tea ladies and gents serve up the traditional mid-innings tea.

Who knows? Maybe – just maybe – the club might be able to – in 2017 – operate a team system off a tea rota with a set number doing – say – one-in-six?

That’s food (yes, pun intended) for thought!

For now though – Thanks Jo – what a beast of a feast!