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‘Bails’ an update on our dear friend

As the current season reaches its conclusion it’s a good time to perhaps see how that wonderful club servant Simon Bailey – aka ‘Bails’ is doing.

Of course we all know that the BCC legend is stricken in a Yorkshire hospital, but recently posted to a Facebook account was a wonderful picture of Bails and his brother. There remains a ‘twinkle’ in the eyes of Bails – that’s for sure.

Bails August 2016
Bails August 2016

Simon – if someone reads this to you mate we are ALL – as one – thinking of you. Keep fighting mate you are never far from our thoughts.

Our own Paul Nott has spent many hours in the presence of ‘Bails’ and is a regular visitor to the Hospice where Simon is a resident. Paul says:

“It’s heartbreaking. You see the picture now and think that maybe there’s hope. But you know, the reality is that dear Simon is one heck of a brainy guy trapped within a body that simply does not respond.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, when you see this one of Bails you may get the impression he’s actually getting something out of life. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. He is effectively as good as paralysed throughout his whole body. He can move nothing at all in any direction other than his tongue on a good day.

To get him in that position would have been a huge challenge for his family and helpers. He however loves the messages of hope and news we send him and certainly knows who they come from and what is being said.

I have visited Simon a few times in his special home in Yorkshire. It is a challenging thing for me to do given how close I was to the chap previously.

However, I shall return to see him next in October and I know that the benefits both he and his family get from such visits make it all worthwhile.

What I would say is that if anyone else is up around that way, why not pop in and see the great man.

Although he drifts in and out of sleep on visits, he is aware of everything you talk to him about.”