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BCC Batting – 2nd XI – 14th August 2016

BCC 2nd XI Batting statistics – as of end of July 2016. Collated by Bryn Jones.

DCL Matches for all 2nd XI Matches 2016 Season. Ranking based on number of Runs scored. (If most runs scored is joint, the Number 1 Ranked batsman will be credited to the player who has the best average.)

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RankPlayerInnsNot outsHighestRunsAVG100s50s 
1Bryn Jones1129239443.7802
2Thom Bunker10011037437.412
3Paul Nott1127731034.4402
4Ryan Shrewsberry1006522822.801
5Rob Acton1424318515.4200
6Connor Carthew71-11818130.1710
6Derrick Foan1344218120.1100
8Mark Ashplant504713627.200
9Will Greig3042842800
10Will Birley8023617.6300
11Chris Dean63-16481600
12Chris Acton30414715.6700
13Alex Dunlavey2025301500
14Vinny Clark31-26281400
15Phil Chappell5210227.3300
16Max Cooper3011165.3300
16Liam Reed2115161600
18Jason Dowrick4011153.7500
19Mark Perrott30-912400
20Nick Dean11-77-00
21Tom Etheridge20110.500

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