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BCC Bowling – 2nd XI – 14th August 2016

BCC 2nd XI Bowling statistics – as of 14th August 2016. Collated by Bryn Jones.

DCL Matches 2016 Season – B Division (East)

Ranking based on number of wickets taken (If most wickets taken is joint, the Number 1 Ranked bowler will be credited to the player who has the best average.)

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1Phil Chappell108183963.6722
2Rob Acton79163744.7323.38
3Will Birley63103425.4334.2
4Ryan Shrewsberry7583234.3140.38
4Mark Perrott2881274.5415.88
6Mark Ashplant3261584.9426.33
7Chris Acton275712.6314.2
7Will Greig2751174.3323.4
7Alex Dunlavey205643.212.8
10Bryn Jones33206.676.67
11Paul Nott252632.5231.5
11Connor Carthew2921465.0373
13Thom Bunker2711355135

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