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BCC darts – top darter at club is GINGE

No fewer than eight of the club’s regular darts players arrived at the Kensham Club on Friday evening for their league fixture with the Market Blaggers, writes Bryn Jones.

However, 15 minutes before the scheduled start, a phone call from the visiting captain confirmed they could not raise a side and forfeited the fixture 9-0.

Rather than packing up and going home, a knockout tournament between the players was hastily arranged for the chance to be unofficial club champion.

In a knockout format of best of 3 legs 401 “straight in” the club’s players pitted their skills against one another.


Round one

Graham Hancock bt Jonny Reed 2-0

Bryn Jones bt Luke Wrightson 2-1

Jordan Rose bt Gary Newall 2-0.

Alan Dowrick bt Eddie Andress 2-0.



Graham Hancock bt Bryn Jones 2-1

Jordan Rose bt Alan Dowrick 2-1



Graham Hancock bt Jordan Rose  2-0.


So, our newest signing, Graham “Ginge” Hancock, showed us all his pedigree before the big cup final in a little under two weeks time, performing consistently well hitting several 100+ scores on his way to victory.

Despite being let down by the opposition everyone got some valuable match practice heading into the last few weeks of the season.

Thanks also goes to Julie Dowrick who still prepared food for the darters despite the lack of a full fixture.

A REMINDER to those who would like to show their support to the club’s darters that they face the Market Misfits in the Cup Final on Friday 29th April at the Pony and Trap in Cullompton. The match will start at 8.30pm as the club attempt to complete the defence of the trophy they won last year. If you can make it please attend to cheer the boys home.