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BCC junior action at Alphington

Here’s a report from the visit to Alphington from youth cricket supremo Nat Hunt.

We took 12 softball players to Alphington CC this morning, which was lucky as the opposition only had 6! We evened things up by lending them 3 of our oldest but newest players who I knew would manage playing on another side with ease. Bradninch fielded very well, and there was  some good bowling on display; although the innings was slowed up by playing a ‘double chance’ format and there were rather a lot of wide balls bowled. This meant a free hit off the cone was allowed each time.

Our players, especially the younger ones did very well to stay focused most of that time! I was particularly impressed with Antonia who was playing her first ever game and very alert in the field. Johann took his first wicket of the season, when he caught and bowled the Alphington no 6 bat. Erin also took a wicket when she hit the stumps in the 15th over! We also had some excellent bowling from Fraser too, with only 1 run taken in each of his overs.

Harry and Joel batted very well together (too well really as they were on the other team!)

Harry managed 4 boundaries and Joel was picking up a few cheeky singles to get Harry back on strike I think! When it was Bradninch’s turn to bat, we had some good performances too. Fraser, Jake, Daniel and Thomas all managing to score some boundaries too. Unfortunately Alphington won by 55 runs and I so won’t be lending those players out again! 😁  Well done everyone who played! You were fantastic, hope you had a good morning!

Upcoming games:

Thursday 18th May (U13s home)….please let Chris have availability ASAP.
Sunday 21st May (U11s hardball @Sampford Peverell. I’ll be emailing out later about that one!