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Chat with Matt Foster

We have had a chat with our popular Aussie – now an honorary Ninchian – Matt Foster. We did the chat after that stunning knock of his at Sidmouth.

First up, we asked Matt:

“Saturday’s innings was described by Chaps as ‘one of the best he has seen’, which is high praise from someone considered arguably the best all-round player in the county! How much did you enjoy that knock and what is your highest single score to date?

Matt replied:

“I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was a beautiful place to play and the wicket was a lot like a home strip so it may have helped me slightly. That is now my new top score, previously it was 171 a couple of years ago last time I was playing in the UK.”

Next up, the obvious one:

“How disappointing was it that your innings was not for the winning team?”

He answered:

“It was extremely disappointing, I always thought it was going to be a close game, as they’ve got some good players who can score big scores and with the wicket being as flat as it was I knew it would be tight.”

We then asked:

“With seven games left how many runs can you get this season, have you set yourself a target?”

Matt replied:

“No real target, the first half of the season I definitely haven’t done as well as I’d like. So, a big back half of the year would be nice.”

We then asked:

“With regard to the season so far, how much are you enjoying the cricket and, off the pitch how much are you enjoying being here in Devon?

Matt answered:

“It’s been awesome so far, the boys are brilliant and have made mine and Emily’s time here great and Devon is such a nice place to live so it makes everything that little bit easier.”

We then turned our attention to Max Cooper, who picked up that ‘sixfer’ in the second XI, and who has been working with Matt [Foster] at the Ninch nets.

Matt said:

“I was very happy for ‘Coops’, although on the one week I bet him a jug if he takes five wickets he takes six ha, ha, but no, seriously, I was very pleased for him. He has been putting in the hard yards at training and I know the potentials there, he won’t be too far off the first team I wouldn’t have thought.”

We then asked Matt:

“What has been the best thing about your time here at Ninch so far?

He replied:

“I don’t really think I could pinpoint one thing. I’m enjoying the boys company every week, which makes cricket a lot easier that’s for sure! It’s such a nice part of the country so we’re very lucky to be able to have this opportunity to travel and see places not only in Devon but other countries as well!”.

Well, that’s it for now folks – there’s seven more games for us to enjoy Matt’s presence with Ninch – next stop the home game on Saturday (July 22) with North Devon.