Established 1891

Christmas Party enjoyed by those who supported it

The club 2015 Christmas Party was a success, despite a hugely disappointing turnout.

Indeed, had it not been for the burgeoning junior section (led as ever by the wonderful Natalie Hunt) then it might have been a disaster!

That said, the food prepared and served by the team of Simon and Jill Glendinning together with Alan and Julie Dowrick was SO GOOD and deserving of more mouths to feed!

There was almost NO MUSIC owing to a jukebox malfunction, but that was resolved by Will Birley’s over-the-call-of-duty effort in opening his Christmas present (a music deck – that his Mum Donna had wrapped up and laid by the Birley family Christmas tree – Will did not know he was getting it, but with Mum being at the party and seeing the problem she came up with the answer!) and taking it to the Kensham Club to make sure that we had music to go with the lights leant to the club by Councillor Luke Taylor (thank you Luke).

Anyway, a GREAT EFFORT by Simon, Jill, Julie and Alan and as Simon said post event:

“OK so it was not the best supported event in the history of the club, but it will not stop us trying again. Whatever it takes we’ll do to try and get the social side of the Kensham Club buzzing.”