Established 1891

CricketForce 2016 held at BCC

CricketForce 2016 was run at Kensham Park on the first Saturday of 2016 and, sadly, the turnout was – well, let’s say LETHARGIC!

Anyway, the SUPER SIX who did turn out – take a bow Simon Glendinning, Jill Glendinning, Alan Dowrick, Julie Dowrick, Rob Acton and Paul Nott – did get LOTS done.

The covers are back on the frames, the beer cellar is now a sparkling white (and not a cobweb in sight), the kitchen has been spring cleaned, the club gutters have been brushed out, disabled aiding handles have been fixed in both of the ladies’ loos, the store cupboard has been shelved out top to bottom and, in a previous task (and many thanks here to president Roy Nott and the ever-willing Rick Bailey), both home and away dressing rooms are now whiter than white, fresher than fresh and cleaner than clean – all ready for the new campaign.