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Derby delight for the Under-10s as Cully are beaten

Bradninch U10s v Cullompton

Bradninch U10s played Cullompton in a softball pairs match at Kensham Park yesterday evening, writes Natalie Hunt.

Eight/nine players were expected to turn up (traditionally pairs games are played with 8), so you can imagine my surprise when 12 players were there at 6pm ready to go!

The stand in coach from Cullompton Mark (Monty) was very accommodating to my unusual plight, and we agreed that rather than me rotate players around and the Bradninch team getting less game time, we would play 10 a side. I gave him 2 of my older softball players as I knew they would manage playing with another team in a mature way.

I elected Peter Smith to be our captain for the match, as he was the most experienced player out of the bunch, and when we went to do the toss, it became apparent that Cullompton were still waiting on another player to arrive. Peter offered for them to bat first in that case if their captain (Rosie) was happy. She was delighted, and the game got underway.

Encouraging the Bradninch team whilst fielding can best be described as trying to herd bees! They are a lively bunch, but easily distracted and occasionally seem to need a little sit down mid over! It was great entertainment from the scorers table, but slightly frustrating at times for the wonderfully patient umpires (James Coles & Joe Nisbet). A constant reminder to watch what was happening seemed to help them along!

The bowling stats were as follows, each player bowled 2 overs:
Jasper: 21-0
Evan: 14-1 (caught by Jasper)
Johnathon: 10-0
Thomas: 16-0
Henry: 20-0
Edward: 16-1 (caught by Johann)
Grainger: 10-1 (bowled)
Xan: 8-0
Peter: 11-1 (bowled)
Johann: 8-2 (both bowled)
Harry B (played on the cullompton team): 11-1 (run out from a fantastic throw in by Rosie their captain)
Harry D (also played on the opposition): 27-0

The batting pairs performed as follows:
Harry & Harry (for Cullompton): 36 runs, 1 wicket = 31
Jasper & Evan: 38 runs, 1 wicket = 33
Thomas and Johnathon: 18 runs, 0 wickets = 18
Edward and Henry: 37 runs, 1 wicket = 32
Grainger and Xan: 26 runs, 2 wickets = 16
Peter and Johann: 20 runs, 1 wicket = 15

The final pair had to work against the fantastic bowling of Cullompton’s pocket rocket Rosie, who was the only player throughout to not bowl a wide or no ball!

The final result, given that we start on 200 to avoid ending up in negative figures (please see me if you need the way it works explaining), was Cullompton 304, Bradninch 314. Bradninch win by 10 runs!

It was a great game which everyone enjoyed. Bradninch need to work on improving their bowling on target and their fielding techniques which are easy to work on at the Friday night sessions. Special mention to Johann Timperley, who is only 8 and was a little star throughout the match. I asked if he would like to try playing with the older players, as he has demonstrated great maturity and ability in training and in the school sessions I have been taking. I’m glad he gave it a go, as he proved he is absolutely ready. Johann was the only player to take 2 wickets (both bowled), he took an excellent catch, was concentrating the whole time when fielding, showed he is a bit handy with the bat when he hit a lovely shot that went for 4, and what I admired the most is how he sat and watched his team mates while they all batted and patiently waited for his turn at the end. He definitely is my player of the match this time, well done Johann!

Many thanks to Peter Smith for being a mature and patient captain, all of the players for being so brilliant and entertaining, Joe & James for their patient umpiring, Vinny for being an excellent tea lady (the apron is very becoming), and last but not least the parents for letting their children come and play cricket and supporting them where they can. It is very much appreciated!

The players were: Peter Smith (capt), Jasper Kolowski, Evan Phare, Thomas Power, Johnathan Oliver, Edward Coles, Henry Luxton-Keough, Grainger Davison, Xan Page-Brown, Johann Timperley, Harry Deacon, Harry Bridge.

Please can the couple of outstanding match fees be given to me Friday? Thank you to everyone who is up to date 😊

I’m waiting for new dates for our next U10s matches, and will let you know when I hear…..I will work on arranging a friendly for the U8s again soon too!

Don’t forget Friday training this week is 5.30-6.30pm.