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A double duck – that’s the Lewie factor

There was a highly amusing incident in the first game of the new 2nd XI season, in just the same way as there had been a highly amusing event in the last game of the 2013 season!

Back in August 2013 Connor Carthew had been the unfortunate fielder to drop successive catches off the same bowler and via hits by same Heathcoat batsman at Knightshayes off the bowling of young Will Birley.

For that poor Connor was ribbed mercilessly and got more prior to the start of the new campaign. Little did the team know that another player would emerge beneath the spotlight of laughter at stumps on the opening day of the 2014 season – step forward Lewie Farrant!

The unfortunate Lewie was clean-bowled for a golden duck  when he batted at Feniton, but, because the team had only nine players it was agreed that as well as  home batsman ‘helping out’, one Bradninch batter should return to the crease when everyone else had batted. Will Birley’s departure as ninth Bradninch wicket down brought Lewie back to the middle and this time he lasted three balls before again being bowled – for nowt!

Skipper Bryn Jones was heard to lament:

“That has to be a true first. How many previous batsman can say they got a pair of sucks in the first game of the new season – in fact in any game of any season?”

It was not all doom and gloom for the likeable Farrant! After bowling an opening over that was akin to a little green man from another work landing to try his hand at cricket – he began to bowl with very good line and length –  and picked up two wickets,  including the prized one of the home side’s stop bat, Brian Cann for 73.