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Events Calendar

There is a new link: Calendar in the main menu.

Please use it to view the latest club events whether they are match fixtures or social events. 

You can display the events in many ways.

  1. Using the ‘Categories’ link at the top left of any view you can see all fixtures within a chosen date range, or select a specific category, whether it’s Fixture, Social or a sub-section of either, say 1st XI.
  2. The current default view is as an Agenda, which shows events in a list format. there’s an ‘x’ icon to the right which expands or closes the information on the event, and also gives a ‘Read more’ link to full information.
  3. Top left under the ‘Categories’ link, you can select the date range of events you wish to view.
  4. Top right you can select how to view the events, the default being ‘Agenda’; you can choose Day, Week or Month views, also a ‘Posterboard’ and ‘Stream’ views.
  5. There is a printer icon to the left of the options in the top-right area, from there you can choose to print to a printer or save in different formats – PDF for example.
  6. There is a ‘Subscribe’ button at the bottom right of the Calendar page, with which you can export the Calendar or selected Events, Categories to other Calendars such as Google, Outlook and Apple Calendar for viewing on other devices.

This Calendar option is a new development for the site so undoubtedly will undergo a few changes. It is hoped that we can phase out publishing Fixture details separately, but at present we will continue with both the Calendar and Fixture posts.