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Family Fun Day a MASSIVE hit

The FAMILY FUN DAY put together by Natalie Hunt and her team – was a wonderful occasion. Not best blessed by the weather – well for the first two-thirds of the day – but it could not stop the club enjoying the sort of attending numbers and everyone having a great time – not seen for a couple of decades – buzzing with vibrancy in and out of the main building.

BCC on May 2 The Family Fun Day
Family Fun Day May 2nd 2016 – click/tap for a larger view

As we have already alluded to, the weather played its part – tried hard to dampen things mid event – BUT FAILED MISERABLY TO BREAK THE SPIRIT – and fittingly the sun burst through to give a superb day a shining finish.

WELL DONE Natalie, Tim (a fabulous husband and wife team), and let’s not forget Natatlie’s Mum Diane who played a huge part in proceedings together with all those folk who worked so hard to put on the best presented -overall days- in the club’s history.

A special mention also to SIMON AND JILL GLENDINNING who worked themselves to the bone from dawn to dusk to play their part.

Thanks also to club president Roy Nott and his wife Annie, who made sure everyone was thanked for their efforts.

The officer-in-charge of the day was of course the club’s very special Natalie Hunt and here are her post day thoughts:

“Wow! What a day! Thank you to everyone who came and supported our event and made donations etc. Looks like we have made enough to get each of our junior players a shirt. Special thanks to Gayle Peacock, Adam Montague and Frankie Woodhams for their musical performances. Pipers Farm for their contributions to the BBQ and raffle, and also to The Merry Harriers, Christopher Piper Wines, Tesco Cullompton and the Spar shop for their raffle donations. Everyone who helped out today, you’re awesome! I have a few Pipers Farm burgers and Vesey’s sausages left over, if anyone wants to buy some off me for cost price, let me know! Thanks again. Hope you all enjoyed the day.”

In terms of financial success; it seems to have been a HUGE ONE in as much as the funds raised  comfortably surpassed the original target of £300 to £400 to ensure that the youth section can all be kitted out in the same shirts.