Established 1891

The first cut is a great one!

The Kensham Park ground looked a picture at 6pm on March 14 after it had been given its first cut and roll of the year!


Paul Nott and Steve Birley worked in tandem during the afternoon with the net result being a well-trimmed outfield and half-of the playing area rolled.

The outfield takes two-and-a-half hours to cut – well the first cut of the year does; whilst the rolling probably takes double that to cover the entire outfield and square.

Paul Nott said:

It’s a real boost for us that we have been able to get on it as early as we have this year. Last year we had to pay considerable sums to get it cut a couple of times and also had to hire in a roller. This year, thanks to the grants from Viridor landfill tax credits (cutter and roller), we have been able to do the job ourselves saving a considerable sum of money, so, thanks to the good folk who provided the funding for the two machines, we are already up and running this season.