Established 1891

Friday nights are special nights at Kensham Park

I saw something very special this evening (Friday) when I witnessed the growth and growth of the youth section. Out across Kensham Park were FOUR groups – with Natalie, Bunks, Cameron and Lautaro each coaching a group. Twenty-seven colts were present and the spin-off was a busy bar, behind which Simon looked every bit the ‘guv’nor’.

I know it’s been said before, but it is always worth broadcasting this:

“Well done Natalie, Tim, Bunks and ALL those involved in what is something very special that they are developing. I appreciate it is a long-term project, but the bottom line is I feel very confident about the future of the club (something I was not feeling this time 12 months ago) and, as long as the likes of Nat, Tim, Bunks (and let’s not forget Simon and Jill) are driving the Friday night sessions then we really can be very confident that, in 10 years time we’ll have a number of home-coached cricketers gracing the senior XIs at our club.”