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Funeral details for Brigette

We are now able to confirm that the funeral for our recently departed dear Brigette is going to held at St Disens Chuch, Bradninch at 12.30pm on Friday, April 12 with a start time of 12.30pm. The ‘wake’ will be held thereafter at the Kensham Club home of the cricket club.
Please see an announcement from the Megan [Brigette’s daughter]
I can now confirm the date for my beloved mama’s (Brigette Acton) funeral is on Friday 12th April 2019
– Church service @ St Disens Church in Bradninch, to start at 12:30pm.
– Wake to follow @ The Bradninch Cricket Club. All welcome.
We have decided to have family flowers ONLY, so can we please ask that if you want to do something instead, to make a donation on the day to ‘Pete’s Dragon’ who are a suicide bereavement support charity, but obviously please don’t feel obliged to do that, to us, your love, support and presence is most important at this time.
Please wear what you want, you are not expected to wear black unless of course you do want to, but I personally will not be.
If you have any photos of my mum/ with my mum, please feel free to send them to a member of our family in order for us to print them out as we’re now collecting them.
All/ anyone who wants to come is welcome. Whether that is for her, or to support a family member, we welcome the unity around our family, as would have our darling girl 💛☀️
Thanks xxxx