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Get involved with the BCC 125 sight screen project

The club is in desperate need of a sight screen and one idea that was floated at the recent management group meeting was that we launch a fund raising drive to raise £1,600 to pay for a new sight screen and perhaps do so with an idea of people ‘buying’ £25 slots on the back of the screen to pay homage to departed folk, or simply to leave a message.

Steve Birley says:

“The master plan is hopefully to find good folk who will pledge £25 to have their message on the back of the screen – maybe some folk would like to buy a couple of spaces. The maths are simple – IF we could get as many as 64 £25’s then we’d have the full a mount required to purchase a new sight screen for our 125th year – wouldn’t that be great.”

He continued:

“We have one of the finest sign artists in the south west on our doorstep here in Bradninch and I am sure we could requisition him for a mass message painting job! I’ll start the ball rolling with a pledge of £25 to have my late father’s name on the screen – Michael Birley was a player and scorer of many years with the club and I’d love to see his name up there.”

Anyone wishing to confirm a pledge is asked to contact Steve via email at