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Getting to know our new Australian friends this summer

So, what do we know about our new overseas player for the coming season?

We have been in touch with Matt [Foster] to find out what we can and have been able to serve up this – here’s Matt and he’s on his way.

Matt is currently out in Australia where he and his nearest and dearest have been battling Cyclone Debbie that struck the Queensland area for much of the past week. Such was the damage from the elements that Matt suffered three days of being without any power.

However, he was able to continue playing some cricket and is currently ‘recovering’ after helping his side first win – and then celebrate their first grade grand final success as his Western Suburbs side defeated University of Queensland in the final.

Matt is also known by the name ‘Foz’ and his girlfriend Emily – who is also coming to Bradninch with him – goes by the names of Em or Cramb.

The pair currently live in Brisbane, Queensland, but Matt’s family live in Sydney, New South Wales and Em’s mother lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and her dad lives in Brisbane.

Matt and Emily met playing indoor cricket at the tender of age of 14!

The pair were at an indoor meeting – he playing for New South Wales and she for Queensland.

The pair both went on the represent Australia Junior girls and boys teams and toured in South Africa in 2011 together. 

Away from the game, in a social environment, Matt and Em would, out of choice, eat either Thai or Japanese and Matt’s favourite drink is Canadian Club and Dry.

In terms of cricket, Matt started playing at the age of 10, first turning out for Sydney-based side Fairfield Liverpool as a junior and then began his senior cricket at Blacktown.

Initially Matt was a bowler as a junior, but as he started to develop his skill set he became a proficient batter to the degree that these days he is an ‘all-rounder’.

Matt lays much of the early drive he got for the sport as coming from his Dad who remains a keen cricket fan and is the president at Blacktown Cricket Club in Sydney. 

In terms of a favourite player – Matt says:

“I used to love watching Ian Bell and Damien Martyn play, but you can’t beat watching Shane Warne.”

And what about Em? Matt says:

“Em loves Michael Hussey.”

As for the impending visit to our fair shores, Matt says: 

“We are hoping to travel as much as possible whilst over there.

We can’t wait to explore the South West and the rest of the UK and everything Europe has to offer as well. We’ll be searching for anything hot and sunny!”

Matt and Em, we look forward to welcoming you to Bradninch for what we all hope will be a long and hot, sunny summer – safe journey over here and see you soon.