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The first two nets of the indoor build-up to the new season are designated for 1st XI and new players. Club skipper Dan Hardy is KEEN to get the message across that he wants to exclude NO ONE.

However, the issue is simply one of space and the fact that we were only able to book a single net for the first two weeks does mean that IF we were to get the same turnout experienced last year there’d simply be FAR TOO MANY for the one net.

Suffice to say nets ONE and TWO will therefore be aimed at 1st XI and, in particular the new players coming into the club. It may well be that Danny needs something different in net two in which case he will make invites accordingly.

The first ‘ALL IN’ net session will be when we have two nets for the first time which is on February 12 (8pm to 9pm). Skipper Dan says:

“It’s not ideal and I would much prefer to say it’s an open house for the first net, but that would become a real problem in terms of numbers given that we have just the one net.

What I am very keen to do is embrace everybody in cricketing terms and I certainly do not want to be seen to be excluding anyone or denying people net time.

I trust the players will buy into this thinking and we can all get together once the two nets start on February 12.”