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Indoor pre-season programme begins

A new indoor pre-season programme begins this week with the first of what will become weekly indoor nets being held at the Devon Cricket centre, Exeter University, on Thursday (February 2) from 8pm to 9pm.

With a new season now firmly in everyone’s thoughts we caught up with Bradninch 1st XI – indeed – club captain Gary Chappell and first up asked him how he is and what he has been up to during the winter off-season months.

“I’m all good. The winter is normally a lot quieter but I still see the guys quite a bit, whether it’s playing footy on Monday nights or meeting up for a drink.

It’s nice to have a few months off from cricket and focus on and enjoy other things. But it’s that time of the year again to get started on training/nets.

We have signed a couple young local players in Matt Parker and Rory Thomas. Both have played for their local clubs up to now, but are looking for a bigger challenge.

We are looking at building a young team and give local talented guys a chance at premier level.

I am under no illusions as to the fact that this is going to be a tough season and a big step up from last year.

We are still working on an overseas and hope to bring an experienced quality player to help develop our younger players as well as make match winning performances for us.”

Next up we asked the skipper about the launch of the net sessions indoors and what his thoughts were

“Nets start this week and the first couple will be just about dusting off the cobwebs, and as we approach the season we’ll look at some more game related stuff and putting players into roles.”

Then to the grand old chestnut of – what are the plans/targets for 2017 even now at this very early stage

“At this stage the main aim has to be to stay in the Premier Division.

The majority of sides who come up really struggle and inevitably go back down, and we don’t want to be a yo-yo club.

We showed last season in the T20 competition that we can compete with the best and I don’t think many sides enjoy playing against us.

What I would also say is that the square and general pitch at Kensham Park has improved massively in the last two years and I feel confident in predicting now that that there will be plenty of runs scored at Bradninch this season!”

Last, but not least, we asked the skipper if the indoor nets were ‘closed’ or ‘open’.

“Open – that’s for sure and any new players who want to come to nets are more than welcome. Please contact me on Facebook or by phone on 07850872234”

We’ll bring you more from the skipper in about a month’s time as the pre-season work steps up.