Established 1891

James Pullen Gift Fund to benefit club youngsters

The club is set to benefit from the James Pullen Gift Fund.

This is a scheme set up after the tragic loss of the 7-year-old James Pullen, killed after being struck by a motor bike. After the tragedy the family set up a fund to help disadvantaged children be able to have the opportunities that all children should have.

The fund has previously paid for a couple of children to go on school trips they otherwise couldn’t afford and, this past summer, sponsored a 7-year-old Bradninch girl’s cricket fees.

Natalie Hunt, the club’s colts’ section supremo, was raised as a Pullen and it was her then elder brother James who was lost in such tragic circumstances.

Natalie says:

“The young girl this past summer might not have found cricket if the fund had not been available for her, and that’s exactly what we launched the fund for.”

Natalie continued:

“We have found our gift fund has surplus from last year and my family are happy for me to help more people where necessary. We’d like to make the fund available to support young Bradninch cricketers access the game when they otherwise might not be able to get involved.

It is hard to approach people for fear of offending them, and so we are hoping that, by letting folk know of the fund through the BCC Facebook and website, they may feel they can approach us. The fund would be happy to help with things like fees and basic kit for youngsters who might otherwise not have the chance to see just what a super sport cricket is.”