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Meet the new man set for Kensham Park – Cameron Suidgeest

So let’s meet our new man – Cameron Suidgeest.

Cameron was born in Port Macquarie (located in Northern New South Wales) and lived there until he was six years old at which point he moved to a small town called Wagga Wagga – which incidentally is also ‘home’ to top Australian cricketers Mark Taylor, Michael Slater and Geoff Lawson.

He attended two primary schools, the main one being Sacred Heart Primary School before moving up to secondary school at Mater Dei Catholic College where he was taught from year seven through to year 12 before, at the age of 18 he moved to Canberra attended University and also follow his burgeoning cricket career – that year he first played ACT cricket in the U-19 National Championships.

As for his first efforts at cricket, Cameron says:

“I’m pretty sure I was playing some form of backyard cricket from the age of about four. I seem to think I had a little plastic bat and ball set and used to convince family and family friends to throw the ball at me. I’m guessing my Dad introduced it to me as he was a fair bowler when he used to play. I then played my first game of proper cricket at age nine for my school team.”

Cameron currently drives a Toyota Vienta Grande of which he says:

“It’s a fairly standard car really – however, the leather interior and sunroof do make it a little more impressive though!

Cameron is, of course, coming over to us here in bonny Bradninch with his girlfriend Stephanie who prefers to be known as Steph.

Cameron is one of four children in his family. Elder brother Trent played a little cricket as a junior, as did his younger brother – in his case from Under-9s through to Under-16s. Neither play cricket these days though the younger brother is currently in the UK so there’ll be a family reunion of sorts at some stage! Cameron also has a younger sister of whom he says:

“She’s never played cricket, but I think she secretly loves it because she doesn’t mind coming over to Canberra to watch with Dad. She is still at school and lives in Wagga with Dad.”

So that’s Cameron in terms of the usual biography bits-n-bobs, but what about Cameron – the ‘real’ version?

Well, unsurprisingly, his nickname is “Suidy” and as for his favourite food, well over to him! Cameron says:

“I love a good chicken schnitzel or chicken parmigiana. Steph also cooks up a great chicken/chorizo pasta, as well as, an awesome beef stroganoff.”

Interestingly, on the ‘beer’ front Cameron enjoys what he calls a ‘nice cold cider’! The latter suggests he may well be enjoying his time with us in terms of the Somersby on tap at the Kensham Club!

As for his visit to Kensham Park, Cameron says:

“There are a number of things I would really like to achieve whilst with the club.

He says:

“I want to experience your English culture (and what better way to do it than whilst playing cricket). I’m also really looking forward to living in the Bradninch area, from the photos I’ve seen of the area it looks very nice!”

As for his current cricket, Cameron says:

“The club I play for here in Canberra hasn’t been all that successful for any of the six seasons I’ve been here so it will be very refreshing to experience a winning culture and play in a successful team/club (it sounds like the club is making a big push for promotion and I’ll be doing all I can to help out with that).

A couple of other personal goals for the trip include gaining some professional experience as a primary school teacher (I just graduated at the end of last year and I can’t wait to experience the English Education system).

And lastly, Steph and I are really looking forward to doing lots of travel around Europe. We might do some during the season if commitments with BCC permit, if not, we plan  on travelling at the end of the season before coming back to Australia.”

Cameron, with your liking of cider, a desire to embrace the local culture and enjoy yourself whilst playing quality cricket – Bradninch looks a perfect fit for you and Steph – we look forward to giving you and Steph the warmest of Bradninch welcomes.

Cameron Suidgeest – England
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Cameron Suidgeest