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Nets VI success

BCC pre-season indoor net VI was another roaring success with 18 players on parade.

Once again the two nets were broken down into 1st and 2nd XI for the first 40 minutes before the final third of the nights action was open nets in both.

1st XI skipper Tim Piper looked in good touch as he kept wicket and also kept an eye on some of the club’s emerging young talent whilst 2nd XI skipper Bryn Jones now knows just what a hard task he has to select that opening eleven when the new Francis Clark Devon League season kicks in.

The attendance count is now 88 in terms of the numbers that have turned out for the nets which have been six very successful nights so far.

In the case of the 2nd XI it’s a fact that already some 18 potential 2nd XI starters have already shown their faces and you can add to that the five or six from last year’s playing number (2nd XI) yet to put a show in at the nets owing to a combination of work and other commitments.

This all adds up to one healthy situation for the skipper.

Bryn Jones says:

“There’s a really positive vibe about the club right now and it’s true that selecting an eleven for that first game is not going to be easy. That said you’d rather have a problem with numbers than the situation where you are scratching around and almost begging people to play! I have a good feeling about things for the coming season; we seem to have a nice mix of young and old.”