Established 1891

Operation decoration begins – can you help?

The plan to give the club a ‘new look’€™ inside got under way on the first Monday of March with a four-man team (Will G, Ross A, Paul N and Dan H) in attendance to wield paint brushes and get a first coat on all interior walls in the main club room!

BCC Operation decoration begins

Will Greig is the painter-in-chief and he would LOVE to have even more hands involved in phase two. Even if you are not a DIY ace then you can be put to use – the plan is to apply paint to all areas.

BCC Operation decoration begins

Will has also had someone in to assess what is needed to change the current flooring – a MUCH NEEDED exercise as it would allow the club to launch yoga, dance, keep fit and all manner of other events.

BUT – and it’€™s a BIG BUT – to lay the new floor we need FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS – so, here’€™s the thing – CAN YOU HELP? Or perhaps you know some kind person – or persons who would help us. IF we can get the new floor laid we REALLY WILL HAVE A SMART NEW-€™ISH club to see us through the new season and beyond.

Keep your eye on the club’s Twitter and Facebook pages for all the OPERATION DECORATION details.