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Paul and Julie Nott visit Bails

Paul and Julie Nott made a pilgrimage north to see the Bradninch legend that is Simon Bailey. Poor old ‘Bails’ is having a tough time.

Paul says of his visit:

“It’s heart-wrenching to see such a sporting  warrior as Simon is in the condition he now finds himself in. It’s desperately sad and certainly leaves anyone who sees dear old Simon like this as feeling it’s one hell  of wicked world we live in at times.”

Paul and Julie passed on collective best wishes from all at BCC to the great man that Bails is – ‘God bless you Bails and good luck with the continued fight you have on your hands. We, at BCC, clearly can’€™t do much for you beyond the obvious which is send you all our love and best wishes.’

Our pictures are of Paul and Simon in the summer of 2014 and also of Simon and Jane Fogden at the 2014 Dinner when Bails was awarded the Dick Fogden trophy, presented to him by club secretary Jane Fogden.