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RIP Pat Dickens

The club has lost another GREAT – and very dear – FRIEND with the news of the passing of Pat Dickens. Pat was the wife of the late (and equally great) Ian Dickens who was a former BCC umpire and cricket follower.

When Ian passed away we carried an article here on the cricket club website with Steve ‘Biggles’ Birley saying how he and Ian had enjoyed long chats about their beloved Manchester United! When they were published Pat made a point of asking for a printed version she could keep.

Steve says:

“She was special, very special. Her heart was of course in the tennis club and indeed, all things Bradninch Tennis Club, but she also carried a torch for us in the cricket section and what we are trying to achieve. She always had time for a chat and, even when she got the diagnosis of an illness that would eventually take her she would simply say:

“It’s not a bad thing Steve. In fact I embrace this beastly thing as it will reunite Ian and I sooner than planned!”

BCC chairman Derrick Foan added:

“This is sad news. Ian was certainly a gentleman and a terrific umpire and both he and Pat were great followers and supporters of the tennis and cricket clubs. They also supported the 40 club. She will indeed be missed.”

Pat Dickens – you were a very dear and special lady and no doubt a terrific mother. That great tennis court in the sky is a better place for your presence. May you now rest in the peace you deserve.