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SIMON BAILEY ‘BAILS’ – an update

We have an update on the ‘state of play’ with regard to our very, very, dear friend and club mate Simon.

Bails and Paul Nott
Bails and Paul Nott

The update comes from Paul Nott who says:

“Simon remains in a very poor condition. Sadly, it’s an on-going condition from which he will never get any better and it is highly improbable that he can continue for much longer given his current situation and the fact his body is starting to reject the antibiotics he is being given at this time.

Paul continues:

“As previously reported he continues to have 24-hour care and is at a point where he can’t move any part of his body at all.

We think he can still understand any messages read to him by his dear mother who is a wonderful woman, well into her 80s and also caring for Simon’s father who has dementia himself at well over 90.”

Simon, if you are read this article – and I suspect you will be – then PLEASE do understand that there are MANY, MANY friends of yours connected with BCC sending you – and wishing you – loving thoughts. You have fought a terrific fight and you are most certainly never far from our minds.

PERHAPS NOW IS A GOOD TIME to remind all at the club that the annual BAILS BASH draws near – held each year on the Saturday following the final league game, it is a 6-a-side competition played at Kensham Park – this year will be the fourth time the competition has been played.