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Simon Bailey – a ‘Bails’ update

Paul and Julie Nott drove North last week to visit Simon (Bailey). Here’s Paul’s news (it’s not good reading!

Paul says:

“When I arrived Simon was fast asleep, which is not unusual, but he had his son and daughter visit earlier in the day .

Since my last visit in our opinion, Simon has deteriorated even further. Very hard to come to terms with and exceptionally sad for all concerned. His Mother is remarkable and at 86, still visits him most days. Simon is half an hour’s drive from his Mum and Dad (who is 92 with Alzheimer’s) and they have no transport. Totally reliant on friends and family for lifts to and from.

Simon woke up when we were there, he was aware of our presence and I updated him the best I could in such circumstances.

My last visit it appeared Simon could show through movement of his tongue that he understood and or liked what I had told him. This time we could not detect any movement of his tongue, but there were signs he was pleased and aware we were there.

All very sad and to think it was not too many summers ago, we were all sharing the field and or a pint with him .

Live for the day all.”

Paul and Julie