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Simon ‘Bails’ Bailey UPDATE Feb 16

A good friend of ‘Bails’ has travelled North to see the legend and here’s his report:

Hi Stephen

I saw Simon last week. I read him your message to me and I could tell he was pleased to hear it, despite the below description, you can tell when he appreciates something.

Simon’s condition is relatively stable at present, but he now has no real movement of any sort on his own, other than his eyes and his tongue. A lot of his time he is fighting to clear mucus from his throat which is a constant battle.

That said, when his airways are clear he is engaged and able to appreciate company. Occasionally he can still smile, and even make the odd word audible. Last week he said ‘Radio 2’ often enough to get the channel changed.

Simon is being well looked after in a Sue Ryder home, where he is moved regularly, put in a chair often, they have a sensory room which looks good, patients are taken for local walks and sometimes there are entertainers.

There is a large TV in his room, which will play files from a USB stick, on which Simon’s brother Richard has put a slide show of photos of Simon in his prime played to some of his favourite music. This is really good, because it allows the staff to see the real Simon, whilst our boy gets to hear some music he likes.

Although Yorkshire is a long trek for most of us, if anyone would like to send Simon an audio/video message, which he will surely enjoy listening to, then please feel free to send it to me and I will put it in the appropriate format for Richard to put on the TV screen. Likewise with any old pictures or MP3s that you think he might like.

You can add files on messenger, or email me at

Please share with anyone appropriate at the Cricket club…bene xx

Simon Bailey

Our dear friend Simon ‘Bails’ Bailey – ‘Keep fighting mate’