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Stuart Munday – Rest in peace.

As a club we would like to add our name to the long list of cricket clubs who no doubt mourn the loss of Stuart Munday who was the chairman of the Devon League.

Our chairman, Derrick Foan said:

“He was indeed a great man, whose services to Devon cricket cannot be overestimated. He became a personal friend while playing Over 60s with him and his enthusiasm for the game never waned. We shared many thoughts on running cricket at club level and he was more than anything, very supportive of all the volunteers, always taking a pragmatic approach to resolving any issues. The Devon cricket community have lost one of their finest statesmen.”

Vice-chairman Paul Nott says:

“Stuart’s passing does not come as a shock as I knew he was a very ill man, but he fought the dreaded cancer right until the end.
He was a great man and did wonders for our Devon league .
He will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.”

As a club – RIP Stuart.

Stuart is shown in the picture we carry with this article sitting second from the right in the Devon O60s B XI.

Stuart Munday seated - second from the right
Stuart Munday seated – second from the right