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Under-10s net 25-run win at Whimple

The U10s and U8s both travelled to Whimple CC this morning for their first games of the season, and for many it was their first ever club game.

The sun was shining and spirits were high. Not all of the U10s knew each other, so that was their first battle but they quickly became acquainted and worked very well as a team throughout. Charlie Piper, being the most experienced stepped up to captaincy with no problem at all. He led the team, who were mostly made up of new players, with encouragement and by his great example in every aspect of the game.

The players bowled as follows:
Charlie Piper: 2, 7 (9)
Harry Deacon: 12, 11 (23)
Evan Phare: 2, 4 (6)
Jasper Kolowski: 2, 1 (3)
Dexter McCandish: 2, -3 (-1, 1 wk- run out- Jasper (we think!))
Xan Page-Brown: -1, 4 (3, 1 wk- caught-Jasper)
Ben Hickey: -4, 3 (-1, 1 wk-bowled)
Tom P (borrowed from Whimple): 0, -3 (-3, 1wk-bowled)

When it came to batting, the partnerships were fantastic and scored as follows:
Charlie & Harry: 25 runs, 1 wk (-5)= 20
Jasper & Evan: 21 runs, 1wk = 16
Dexter & Xan: 16 runs, 2wk= 6
Ben & Tom (Whimple): 20 runs, 0wk= 20

The game finished Bradninch 264, Whimple 239. Bradninch win by 25 runs! A first win under our belt, well done all of you! Player of the match is Ben Hickey, due to taking a bowled wicket and hitting the only 6 of the match. But well done to everyone who played, you were all excellent. The bowling/batting/fielding stats for Jasper, Evan, Dexter and Xan who are new this season are brilliant. Keep it up lads!

As for our U8s and their friendly match, what a bunch of little superstars! They fielded first, and the hosts ran up a score of 245. There were excellent bowling performances from all our players, who showed off the skills I have been teaching them very well 😃 Bradninch then went into bat and given that they all only started cricket training 3 weeks ago and are mostly a year younger than our opponents (who told me they have been playing for 2 years), they scored some runs and only lost a few wickets. Their final score was 217, which is fab for their first attempt. I am extremely proud of them all, and how they have improved in just the last few weeks! I can’t choose between them for a player of the match, so they are all my winners. They can get a prize from me on Friday at training!

The squad was:
Jake Geach
Daniel Huxtable
Harley Clark
Leon Potter
Josh Meffe
Gabriel Williams

I couldn’t be happier with how things are shaping up and the feedback I keep getting is so great to hear. Huge thanks to all the parents for their support today and taxi driving the players about. I can’t do it without you! Also my hubby Tim and eldest Vinny who scored and umpired one game while I did the other. The next U10s game is at home next Sun 22nd May. I will text out for availability in the next few days.

Good luck to our U13s, heading to Axminster tomorrow evening!

For any players who are new to Bradninch CC, Registration costs £15, all training is free and all registered players will get a free team shirt. Match fees are £3 per game. Please pick up a registration form from me/the club at a training session, 6-7pm on a Friday. We welcome all new players!

** All registered players, please email me your childs shirt size ASAP, so I can get the first batch ordered up this week.

Last notice: Race night, this Saturday 21st May at the club. I have a junior section race. Horses are £6 each and the winner gets £25. Please let me know if you want one (you don’t have to be going to buy a horse). I will let you choose your horse on a first come, first serve basis.