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Youth coach rejects offer continues at Kensham Park

Bradninch Cricket Club have been given a huge vote of confidence on the youth side with the news that coach Steve Rowe has rebuffed an approach from a Premier League club to be head of their youth coaching.

The club concerned made Steve a good offer – and it would mean less travelling for the Exeter-based coach who is currently engaged in the Devon Cricket Centre one-to-one coaching scheme.

He said:

It was a good offer and I am grateful to the club concerned for their interest. Of course, it is always great to know other clubs are interested in you. The bottom line for me is that I see the current Under-15s very much as ‘work in progress’.

The club has a fine balance of talented young players coupled with three or four who are showing genuine promise and, it has to be said, the entire 14-player squad are so keen and enthusiastic.

It’s also not lost on me that this coming season is a crucial one in terms of retaining players and making sure as many of the current Under-15s make the step up into adult cricket.

With there being no Under-16 league it’s so important that we make sure they go through this season enjoying and developing their game so they can make their way in the adult game in seasons to come.

Steve Birley commented on the news:

This is great news. Steve has already had a big influence on my son William and I know he is also now working with Liam Reed whilst the Steve and Will link has also helped in encouraging young Ryan Shrewsberry to join them at Devon Cricket Centre sessions.

Steve choosing to stick with us is a brilliant things and for the lads to know he wants to keep working with them is a real boost. I know the boys will be chuffed.